Finoserv Fusion - Cloud Based Inventory Management System

A better, easier way for managing your business. Exioms Fusion is an online management system that simplifies and organizes your inventory, customers, vendors, reports & invoices. Get started in less than 30 seconds!

Core Features :

Few reasons why you'll love Exioms Fusion ?

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory and check your supply levels in real-time.Get notifications when specific inventory levels get low.

Vendor  Management

You can keep track of all your vendor accounts with ease. Add contact details and review own order history with reports.

Sell Products

Manage your selling item with TAX/VAT and discount. You can sell items from Inventory or sell your services and craete invoice for them.

Client   Management

You can keep track of all your customer accounts with ease. Add contact details and review their purchase history.

Invoice  Management

Beautiful, professional invoices in just a few seconds and then instantly email them with link directly to your customers.

Financial Reports 

Generate extremely detailed financial reports both your inventory and services. Filter your reports by inventory categories and/or service categories to see what is making you the most money.

Zero Infrastructure Cost:

How it Works?

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