Microfinance Software
Microfinance-The term itself describes its existence and role. As the first word is 'MICRO' ,is related to the individuals who are low in income. These could include women and the poor people who live under poverty. 'FINANCE' is the money which not only provides basic necessity of food and shelter but also gives wings to realize our dreams. So overall Microfinance is the tool which helps the poor person to achieve financial freedom.
Microfinance is a financial systems which supplements both financial and non-financial services.Financial services includes Small Loan, credits, Saving, Fund Transfers and insurance .Non financial services include business training,to improve their businesses, income and assets, health, nutrition, family planning, education of children, social support networks, and so on.In a broader way Microfinance help people living in poverty who wouldn`t usually qualify for regular banking services. It is more narrowly referred as loans and other services providers which classify themselves as MicroFinance Institutions.

Features of Microfinance Software

Various functions of Microfinance Institutions :

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